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Althea Danoo who was born in Southern California has always had a love for FASHION. Althea is one of San Diego’s top designers, with an eye for silhouettes, creativity and timeless fashion. Althea started her Fashion Design career in 2004 by attending both Fashion Careers College in San Diego and The Art Institute of Hollywood. With education and understanding in Fashion, Althea then decided that she wanted to be able to provide the world with more than just clothing. It is her desire to share with other women how designing makes her feel - INSPIRING and BEAUTIFUL. Althea loves being creative but most of all she loves for a women to feel confident and secure in her designs.  No matter the shape and size, Althea strives to please (the everyday) women (in all, globally) whether a business woman, mother, celebrity or model. The goal is to show the world you can be sexy and classy without letting it all “hang out." Glamorous, striking and Timeless to the core. B.adorn  is perseverance, determination and what is means to overcome. Althea is committed to providing spectacular, eye catching and Fabulous apparel, but most of all being ELITE amongst the crowd. . B.adorn  is Fashion, Inspiration and Beauty.



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